About Little Voice

Little Voice was created to celebrate the lives, possibility and diversity of children. It seeks to empower them to discover their significance to this world through the use of whimsical and evocative design.

My name is Nastassia Ikasovic and i created Little Voice to reflect all the beauty, the love and the wonder that God has always infused my life with.


Looking for something special?

A keepsake for the special little person in your life…look no further!  Little Voice is located at the Queen Victoria Building Please contact us for more information, we also create and design special nursery and toddlers rooms, please contact Nastasia for a quote



A Little Voice Experience

Out and about with the girls one weekend ago, we happen to chance upon this store in Queen Victoria’s (QVB) called Little Voice. Such a beautiful store – It’ll be hard to imagine anyone walking pass and not entering to have a look. There we met the creator of Little Voice, a lovely friendly lady… Nastassia, whom we got on chatting for quite abit, sharing about our lives here and what we love.

This was truly the highlight of the week for me!
…The Little Voice Collection is inspired by a desire to capture the most magical aspects of childhood through furnishings, fabrics, jewelry, accessories and art. The collection reflects familiar, consoling and beautiful elements. Many of these creations are built around the premise of advocating core values such as love, joy, peace and acceptance. …